Southside of Chicago Garlic Salt Blend (with a kick)

The Southside of Chicago Garlic Salt Blend was developed by Steve for his almost world famous Warrenfeltz Garlic Dip (see recipe section). It began as a very simple garlic, onion and celery salt blend that was made famous by his mother Henrietta. Steve fell in love with the cream cheese based dip when he was single digits and has been making it for nearly 60 years now.

However, as Steve got older, and his taste buds “matured”, there were other flavors that he wanted to introduce to the dip blend, and over time, the Southside Blend as it’s known today, evolved and became established.

Today, the blend is comprised of pure organic garlic salt, celery salt, ground sea salt, ground dried jalapeno and red & green bell peppers, freeze dried shallots & scallions, along with some “special” ingredients of the pepper variety that are rotated in and out depending upon the success of the Almost Famous Pepper Garden.

The Southside Blend was Steve’s first commercial spice endeavor and remains his most popular and unfamous!


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