Almost Famous … is to be almost known … in the infancy … not quite fully matured … not quite there, but not far away. That is how we think of this organization SAFP, where we take product ideas and let them grow and become a reality.
For the most part, those ideas involve light culinary thoughts that are founded in a need to relax and sooth and to spice up our lives.  Always looking forward, we continue to learn and to evolve and reinvent ourselves every now and then.
The first chapter in our book began when we released our first creation, Steve’s Almost Famous International Style Garlic Salt Blend. Our most recent addition to the Book of Famous is our caffeine free antioxidant loaded Sleepy Time Time Herbal Tea.
All of our products are hand crafted and custom made with very little use of mechanical or automated device. Consequently, although great pains are taken to ensure adherence to a carefully designed and developed formula, each batch tends to have a oh so slightly different characteristic. We very much like that and feel that this is part of what makes Steve’s Almost Famous, well, almost famous!
Hope you enjoy our less than famous offerings … we are always open to thoughts and suggestions … always.