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Please take note that this website currently is a work in progress and is under construction. Therefore, it is incomplete. We hope to have the basics pretty much done very soon.
Last updated on May 24, 2021

Steve’s Almost Famous Website is somewhat like a Holding Company in that this website is the “Parent Site” for several different, yet related, ventures of one, Steve Warrenfeltz. For the most part, the “ventures” each have their own website, or Facebook Page, dedicated to documenting activities and informing interested parties as to happenings/events and items of importance relative to the particular venture for which the site represents. The websites for each are noted and linked below.

Most of the “ventures” are related to loves of Steve’s, which boils down to basically Family, Friends, Food and Music. None of them compete with the likes of All In The Family, McDonalds nor Universal Music or WEA in terms of notoriety. All of them exist for the “love of the game” as opposed to financial gain. Even the venture known as Kiss The Sky, which is perhaps the most significant of the “business” type of ventures noted here, is operated these days simply for the love of the game.

MusicKiss The Sky is an Independent Record Store located in Batavia, Illinois USA and was formed in 1996. For more info, please check out the Website or Facebook Page.
Family (and Friends) … The Warrenfeltz Family history dates back much longer than what current means of tracking is telling us. Those that have attempted to find the origins have traced the ancestry back to Switzerland of the 1600’s. The Facebook Page noted here is concerned with the families of the direct descendants and related parties of Ethel Mae and John Homer Warrenfeltz, who happen to be Steve’s paternal grandparents.
Sky Club Records is an independent record label created by Steve for the purpose of paying homage to a series of recordings that took place during the 1930’s in the dinner club atop the tallest building in the State of Illinois (at the time it was built) outside the City of Chicago … the Sky Club of the Leland Hotel, which is still located in downtown Aurora, Illinois.
From May of 1937 up and through December of 1938, the Sky Club paid host to the cream of the crop of the Chicago and St. Louis blues scene artists, such as Tampa Red, Merline Johnson, Washboard Sam, Sweet Peas Spivey, Big Joe Williams, and a young John Lee Curtis “Sonny Boy” Williamson. They gathered in a makeshift recording studio in the Sky Club and laid down over 300 songs sporadically during the 20 month run. Most of the recordings were released on the Bluebird record label.
Steve and Scott Tipping, a dear friend of Steve’s, produced a recording that helped to shine a new light upon those recordings. Their project was released back in 2016 on vinyl and compact disc under the umbrella of Waterloo Sunset Records.
For more info on this particular venture, please click on the following:
Sky Club Records Facebook Page
Waterloo Sunset Records Facebook Page